Management and Consultancy Services

Smart Resilience Management with focus on a risk-based approach

Risk Governance

Optimization or development of control structure of risk management to fulfill the legal requirements and social responsibility. This sets the course for handling all other security issues in the company.


Optimization and development of control structure of risk management

risk management

Risk Management Concepts

legal requirements

Fulfillment of legal requirements

Security Concepts

We rely on risk-based protection concepts for plants and buildings that are created by independent experts and meet the defined protection goals in the interests of the company. Parts of the security concepts focusing on site protection include access concepts, camera concepts, protest management or emergency processes. Requirements for the safety of buildings and infrastructures can be based on requirements of standards such as ISO 27001, and on the company’s own interest in protecting its equipment against sabotage, industrial espionage and theft.

risk based protection

Assesement of the organisation´s risk exposure

security concepts

Security concept helps to provide an efficient framework for security measures within your organisation

Standard requirements

Legal requirements such as ISO27001 and your organisation´s own requirements

Crisis Management

We optimize or design your crisis management manual individually tailored to your company. Through simulations or trainings for the respective roles in the crisis team, we sharpen the understanding of these roles and increase your crisis team’s confidence in taking action.

Optimization and creating of crisis management manual

Crisis management manual is individually tailored to your company

Simulations and trainings

Simulations and trainings of the roles in your crisis team

team confidence

Increased confidence of your crisis team

Crisis Communication

Crisis communication encompasses both the management and monitoring of information flows surrounding an incident or crisis. The aim of crisis communication is to generate a level of trust before a crisis, on which your organisation can build in the event of an incident, and to live up to this trust during a crisis.

Management and monitoring

Management and monitoring of information flows in case of a crisis

management concepts

Development of management concepts to ensure appropriate crisis communication

Trust and confidence

Generation of the level of trust and confidence in the event of an incident or crisis

Risk Awareness

Increasing the visibility of security in the company, optimizing the presence via internal communication media, sustainable communication of the security content to the employees – increasing risk awareness in the company.

Internal Communication

Internal communication of the security topics in the company

risk awareness

Building and increasing risk awareness in the company

visibility of security

Increasing security visibility in the company

Emergency Response

The aim of emergency management is to ensure the functionality of business-critical processes and resources. Critical business processes are identified and evaluated in an early stage (Business Impact Analysis). We work with you to determine a continuity strategy individually tailored to your company. We prepare your company to react to emergencies in a structured and prepared manner through training and coaching on various emergency scenarios.

emergency management

Emergency management ensures the functionaly of business-critical processes and resources

business impact analysis

Evaluation of the critical business processes in the early stage

training & coaching

Training and coaching on various emergency scenarios


Business continuity management (BCM) refers to a management process that identifies risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that could impact continued operations. BCM provides a framework for building organisational resilience, meaning the capability for an effective response to specific threats.

processes & resources

Identification of risks, threats and vulnerabilities of the continued operations

Business continuity management plans

Business continuity management plans and arrangements provide a framework for building resilience

training & coaching

Tests and training of the defined processes continuously under different circumstances

International Protection

Security of projects and employees in developing and emerging countries at increased risk. We create macro-analyzes of the political / security situation and a security concept for the protection of employees and assets.


Analysis of the political and security situation of the particular country

security concept

Creation of the securty concept for the protecton of employees and assets


Training of employees for particular situations abroad

Travel Security Trainings

“Hands on” trainings for travel security, live simulations to deal with stress situations, behavior in emergencies.

Risk assessement

Systematic assessment of risks towards employees and assets


Preparation of staff and third parties though intense training


Strengthening the accountability of your organisation

In the security industry there are many possibilities to have different services certified, be it based on the relevant standards or the VdS guidelines. We advise you on the requirements of the standards and the feasibility of certification. We support you throughout the entire certification process, from the order to the receipt of the certificate.

requirements of the standards

Requirements of the standards and the feasibility of certification

audit planning

Entire audit planning and communication with external service providers and the certification body


Support throughout the entire certification process, from the order to the receipt of the certificate