Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Business Continuity Management (BCM): a practical approach for SMEs For every company, it is important that processes run smoothly – especially critical business processes. Processes

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Entering emerging markets

Practical tip from Vivian van der Linde | 3-core GmbH, for DMB Deutsches Mittelstandsbund Emerging market Mexico – on the one hand a popular production location for some of the best-known DAX and MDAX companies, on the other plagued by an unstable political situation, a high crime rate and dangerous drug cartels. How can a medium-sized company benefit from industrialization and attractive production conditions while protecting its employees, values and reputation? In this case, prevention is the key to success. Through various targeted formats, such as scenario workshops and contingency planning, managers and employees can prepare themselves optimally for traveling to and staying in specific regions. Emerging market pioneer Mexico Emerging markets, unlike developing countries, are experiencing high economic growth and offer a number of interesting investment opportunities due to their upswing. Mexico has been considered one of the most lucrative emerging markets for decades. Not only has the country attracted the attention of German automotive giants such as Audi,

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Security must generally be thought of as a part of the corporate culture

Interview with Carolin Stellmacher | 3-core GmbH for DMB Deutsches Mittelstandsbund The internationalization of medium-sized businesses poses new challenges for companies. At the latest when employees are sent to new target markets outside the EU, good preparation is elementary. In addition to the business potential analysis, the topic of security takes on a central significance. Many risks can be avoided with the right strategy, explains Carolin Stellmacher from 3-core GmbH in an interview with DMB. The DMB member company advises companies and corporations with the aim of establishing security management structures. DMB: Ms. Stellmacher, what does 3-core stand for and what does 3-core offer?

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