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A corporate crisis is defined as an unforeseeable, instable, and complex situation that threatens your organisation’s ability to effectively operate its business, achieve its strategic objectives and protect its reputation. Therefore, a crisis cannot be managed to an appropriate extent by pre-defined processes but requires individual crisis management strategies and far-reaching decision-making competencies.

Crises often begin locally but can affect your organisation on all levels. Based on legal and regulatory guidelines, the executive level is bound by obligatory supervision and is responsible for ensuring crisis management structures are in place.

By implementing a crisis management structure, the executive level is fulfilling both the regulatory and legal stipulations and its moral corporate social responsibility towards internal and external stakeholders. 

Please download the full white paper to get access to the following points:

–             Common characteristics of a crisis

–             Effects of a Crisis 

–             What are likely causes for a crisis?

–             What are adequate crisis management measures?

–             9 Steps towards Smart Crisis Management