Crisis Team Training



In the field of crisis team training the client wanted to strengthen and expand its crisis management skills. Optimization potentials of the crisis management manual were to be identified and the principles of crisis management were to be communicated to the crisis team. This was to be implemented in various functions of the crisis management team and thus prepare the crisis management team for an emergency/crisis.


After the analysis of the crisis management manual, the optimization potentials were identified. Then, in consultation with the customer, the training documents on the basics of crisis management and a scenario for practical exercises were prepared in accordance with the crisis management manual and in consultation with the project management.

The focus was on the development and subsequent implementation of a workshop in which the roles were presented and the provision of theoretical tools. The understanding of the roles and the role competence of the functions as well as the use of tools were practiced and improved in the 5 phases of the workshop.

In the course of implementation by the 3-core team, the lessons learned were also prepared and transmitted to the crisis management team in the form of a hand out. Finally, the evaluation and feedback of the exercise took place.


Identification of optimization potentials of the crisis management handbook

Communicating the principles of crisis management to the crisis team

Preparation for the case of emergency/crisis through a workshop