KRITIS-Umbrella Act Companies

Our Services for the KRITIS-Umbrella Act for Companies

We understand the complexity and importance of this law for your company and aim to prepare you as best as possible for the new requirements of the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act and to strengthen your resilience.

We support you with the following services:

1. Preparation for the KRITIS-Umbrella Act

  • Analysis of the specific requirements for your company 

2.  Resilience measures according to the KRITIS-Umbrella Act

  • Consulting on mandatory measures 
  • Development of an individual strategy to meet the legal requirements

3. Training and Awareness

  • Training for your staff
  • Awareness training for your management to identify and assess risks as well as risk management practices

4. Security Concepts and Plans:


The KRITIS-Umbrella Act and Its Impacts

What Does the KRITIS-Umbrella Act (KRITIS-DachG) Mean for Affected Companies?

In October 2024, the KRITIS-Umbrella Act (KRITIS-DachG) is set to come into force in Germany – a measure to enhance the security of critical infrastructures. Operators of critical infrastructures and many other companies will face new challenges and obligations that must be met.

Affected companies include operators of critical facilities in the KRITIS sectors such as energy, transport, and traffic, among others. The definition of KRITIS facilities and their thresholds can be found on the OpenKRITIS platform:

KRITIS Facilities and Critical Infrastructures – OpenKRITIS

The KRITIS-Umbrella Act was created to protect critical infrastructures from increasing attacks.

Our solutions focus on physical security and adopt a risk-based and holistic approach. Meet the legal requirements through our proven partnership, which aims to strengthen the physical security of properties and facilities.



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