Business Continuity Plans



The 3-core supported their client in taking internal emergency management to the next level. The plans and processes relating to business continuity management were no longer up-to-date and analogue.


We started the project with an assessment of the plant. Taking the risk analysis into account, we formulated recommendations for emergency preparedness and preventive measures.

In co-operation with the security managers, we then drew up process flows for various emergency scenarios. The emergency plans also include responsibilities, reporting channels and any authorities or external service providers to be involved.

We then worked with the relevant managers to develop a concept for the event that the production facility is no longer able to continue operations due to damage. The business continuity plan contains the processes required to resume production, trigger thresholds, responsibilities and any external service providers to be called in.


Site survey and risk analysis

Creation of emergency preparedness measures

Creation of emergency plans for various emergency scenarios

Preparation of the business continuation plan in emergency operation

Restart plan for the resumption of production in normal operation