Creation of organisation manual „Security“ with security and emergency processes



The customer planned the revision of the organization manual for security with the definition of security and emergency processes. The customer’s organization was to be optimized in order to react to emergencies in a structured manner.


After the actual recording of the security-relevant processes and measures at the customer’s location, the adjustments and optimizations for the processes were determined based on the requirements.

Then, in consultation with the customer and in accordance with the Group’s specifications, the topics and measures were transferred into an emergency manual. Part of the manual was, among other things, the creation of reaction plans for security-relevant scenarios at the site. To implement the emergency manual, the heads of the emergency team were trained and subsequently the entire team was briefed on the organization and structure of emergency processing.

In the course of implementation by the 3-core team, optimized processes and templates were also established at the customer’s site.


Recording of the safety-relevant processes and measures at the site

Adaptation and optimization of processes according to requirements

Conversion of the topics and measures into a manual

Creation of response plans for security-relevant scenarios at the site (emergency manual and emergency processes)

Compilation of an emergency team and creation and implementation of training