Crisis management exercise Cyber Attack


Case Study Crisis management exercise “Cyber Attack”


In this crisis team exercise, the customer wanted to practise realistic scenarios relating to the failure of IT systems following possible cyber attacks with the crisis team and the IT department and achieve the protection goals.


3-core GmbH was responsible for the complete preparation, realisation and moderation of the exercise. During the preparation phase, we worked with the client to define the objectives of the training/exercise, the procedure, and the location where it would be carried out.

We then drew up the script with various levels of complexity and situation development to depict various protection goals that had previously been worked out with the customer. In doing so, we involved the individual functions within the company.

We took over the complete moderation and observation of the exercise. The findings provided the basis for the lessons learnt and our feedback to the crisis team and the IT consultants. 

Finally, we incorporated the lessons learned and the feedback and produced a report as a management basis for further optimisation and integration of the findings.


Creating the script with several escalation levels and requesting the individual functions

Execution and moderation of the exercise

Incorporation of lessons learned and feedback, Preparation of report for management