Emerging market entry and travel security training



The client was planning to invest in infrastructure projects in emerging markets. This included countries with increased security risks. Therefore, the 3-core team was asked to assist with risk and situation analysis and employee security training.


3-core GmbH conducted a country analysis (OSINT- analysis) and assessed the security situation on site. Based on the risk exposure, a concept was developed together with the customer to protect the security and the employees sent there.

By implementing the management process, it was ensured that travel to difficult and high-risk areas could be carried out in compliance with specific security measures. In addition, several travel security trainings were designed specifically for the client’s needs and conducted in workshops for expats/travelers to the region.


OSINT country analysis and assessment of the local security situation

Implementation of the management process for more security

Creation of a protection concept for the employees

Conception and implementation of travel security trainings